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Do You Need An Electronic Lab Interface?


Are you tired of inputting lab orders manually? With PracticeStudio you can get an electronic lab interface setup through our charting environment and send and receive labs with just a few clicks. The PracticeStudio charting engine has over ten years of experience connecting to labs all across the country and is ready for more. Our clients especially like the simple touch-screen navigation to order labs within seconds. Call our sales office (1-800-235-1856) today to get your favorite lab added to your charting experience.


An electronic lab interface can be extremely beneficial to any clinic that regularly sends lab orders and recieves results. Here’s why:

  1. REDUCE ERRORS from manual entry and human error.
  2. SAVE TIME by ordering labs in a few seconds and receiving patient results automatically.
  3. INCREASE EFFICIENCY by eliminating extra steps in ordering or receiving labs.
  4. AUTOMATIC ORDER TRACKING from order entry to results
  5. LAB MANAGEMENT enabling one click uploads to patient portal, scheduling appointments, and more.


MicroFour has built a proprietary HL7 interface that can easily send and receive HL7 records through several options including file output, SFTP, TCP/IP, and more. PracticeStudio has years of experience working with all types of lab companies from small local operations to the largest lab companies such as LabCorp and Quest. The process to establish a new lab interface is simple and can be illustrated in just one step:

Step 1 – Contact the Lab you desire to interface with and if they approve, just let us know.

THAT’s IT! Then on our end, a PracticeStudio Lab Technician will:

  • Contact the lab and establish a connection
  • Test sending and receiving lab orders and results
  • Upon completion, PracticeStudio will send the bill to the Lab

After the connection is setup, the PracticeStudio Lab Technician will contact you for any necessary training and make sure you are ready to go. The truth is, getting a new Lab Interface is as simple as asking.


The short answer is yes. The most important factor in getting a new lab interface established is approval from the lab company. Since we will bill the lab company for setting up a new interface it would have to make financial sense for them to acquire you as a customer. From their perspective if you either have a history of ordering labs through them or are going to start ordering several labs from them, creating the interface is as simple as asking.


Here is a short list of labs we have interfaced with. If you don’t see the interface you would like to use on the list below, PracticeStudio can setup a new interface with your desired lab.

  • American Esoteric Labs
  • Ameripath/Dermpath
  • Ameritox
  • Associated Pathology Medical Group
  • Atherotech
  • Aurora Diagnostics
  • Avisena
  • Avutox
  • CBL Path Inc.
  • Clinical Pathology Labs
  • Cockerell Dermpath Diagnostics
  • Global Path Lab
  • Health Diagnostic Lab Inc.
  • LabCorp
  • Miraca Life Sciences
  • Northwest Pathology
  • PathGroup
  • Plus Diagnostics
  • ProPath
  • Quest
  • Southeastern Pathology Associates
  • Singulex Clinical Lab
  • Skin Diagnostics Group Inc.
  • Skin Pathology Associates
  • SOLSTAS Lab Partners


If you still have questions you can contact our sales team via email or call 1-800-235-1856. They can provide you with a more detailed brochure or information concerning lab interfaces. Additionally, if you are not a PracticeStudio user but would like a free demo you can click here to fill our our short form and sign up to see how PracticeStudio will make your charting experience better!

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  1. Steven Huneycutt August 4, 2015 at 10:08 am |

    My nurse contacted labcorp today concerning an interface with Labcorp. Labcorp told her we must do a minimum of 15 labs a day for them to allow me to use an interface. I probably do 10 a day. Have you run accross this before with Labcorp? I wonder if this only applies if Labcorp supplies the interface?


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