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Webinar Update: First Year MU Attestation Deadline

Meaningful Use - First Year Deadline

Webinar Review – Meaningful Use – First Year Deadline

Today’s National Provider Call dropped a bit of a bombshell for providers who haven’t started participating in Meaningful Use (MU) yet:

EPs who are in their first year of MU in 2014 need to attest by October 1 this year to avoid a MU payment adjustment in 2015. (Payment adjustments are reductions in your Medicare payments.) This means that if you’ve never participated in MU before, and you want to avoid Medicare reductions in 2015, you have to begin tracking Meaningful Use Stage 1 by July 3, 2014 at the very latest (because The reporting period for the first year is 90 days). However, we recommend that you start earlier—like, in early June, at least—so that you have some time after your 90-day reporting period ends to get your attestation completed on the CMS website.

You need to be on the latest version of PracticeStudioX16 to meet MU Stage 1 or Stage 2. To schedule your clinic for an update to the latest version, either call the Support department or log a HelpDesk ticket.

If you haven’t started participating in MU, now is definitely the time to get on board!


The Webinar Updates are just what they sound like: posts to let you know the latest information we’ve learned from attending webinars hosted by government agencies, interoperability workgroups, and other participants in the healthcare chain. Check back often for quick updates on the latest news from national healthcare webinars.

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